Our Model

Summit Sierra’s curriculum focuses on college and career readiness.

Summit personalizes learning for our students and empowers our teachers to adopt multiple roles so that both can reach their highest potential. Each Summit school has its own daily schedule, but all share the same core learning experiences focused on college and career readiness.

Project Time

Students develop deeper thinking and life skills through project-based learning. They have Project Time for all of their core courses in English, History, Math, Science, and Spanish (in high school).

Summit Reads

Every student reads every day for at least 30 minutes. Because reading is at the heart of learning, students have dedicated time to read books of their choosing. We found that this is the best way to improve their literacy skills and cultivate a love of reading.

Personalized Learning Time

Students learn through a combination of online playlists (diverse resources including texts, videos, presentations, exercises), peer-to-peer coaching, and one-on-one tutoring from their teachers.

Summit Solves

Students practice math problems for at least 30 minutes a day. Regularly and consistently practicing math problem-solving skills over a long period of time will prepare our students for college success.

Mentor Time

Each student is assigned a teacher mentor who is the student’s coach, college counselor and advocate, and supports them to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Community Time

Community groups nurture close-knit relationships to reflect and celebrate! Community Time is a safe space for students to bond with their classmates and mentor, express their thoughts and feelings, and build meaningful relationships.

After School

Students can receive academic support, play sports, or lead a club! Every school is open after hours so that students can continue to work on their goals, meet with teachers, or participate in one of our athletic teams or student clubs.


At Summit, electives are designed to help students discover talents, practice the Habits of Success, and find joy in school. We achieve these objectives by exposing students to a variety of topics and classroom activities taught by teachers for whom the subject is their passion.