Substance Abuse Ed Night + Graduation Gear Info Session This Wednesday - February 24th, 2019

Substance Abuse Ed Night + Graduation Gear Info Session This Wednesday - February 24th, 2019

Dear Sierra Families,

We hope you all enjoyed the Mid-Winter Break! Our faculty spent the week learning together. Sessions over the four days of professional development included analyzing student work to calibrate on our cognitive skills rubric, participating in model lesson studies, dis-aggregating our discipline data by demographic sub-groups to identify how our biases impact our classroom management, reconnecting with the values embedded in the Summit design, and learning about our school budgets. We left the week energized and excited to launch the into the final three and a half months of the school year.

We’re excited to announce that Noah and a few peers from the Student Government and Leadership Class have been selected to present at Seattle Time’s Ignite Education Lab. Tickets for the event are here. It will take place Monday, March 11th at Seattle University’s Campion Ballroom.

Caps, Gowns + Optional Graduation Gear:
This Wednesday at 5:00pm, Jostens will be coming to Sierra to share with families the process for order caps and gowns for graduation. He will also share different optional graduation items like class rings, etc. If you are unable to attend, we will send information about how to order these items in an upcoming newsletter. The graduation committee will meet immediately following.

Snow Day Makeup: 
We will have a full school day on Monday, April 1st, and we will have an early release day on Wednesday, March 13th. Our family meetings will take place that afternoon. It will be optional for some families and required for students who are struggling academically. These two days make up for our snow days on February 4th and 5th.

Due to our total instructional hours, OSPI approved our proposal to keep our calendar instead of adding three days to the end of the school year for the snow days on February 11th, 12th, and 13th.

College Trip Date Change: 
We accidentally scheduled the College Trips on a significant religious holiday. We will move these to the following week, April 24th and 25th.

PSAT (91th + 10th only):
This Wednesday, February 27th, all 9th and 10th graders will be taking the PSAT, a practice SAT, starting at 8:20am. This is a great opportunity for students to get practice with timed, high stakes tests in preparation for real tests where scores will be used for college entrance. All students should arrive early, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, and get a good night’s sleep the night before. Lastly, all students should bring a calculator for the math portion of the exam. A scientific calculator, like this one, can be bought at most local drug stores. If you have any questions about this practice SAT test, please reach out to Aubree Gomez,   

Take care,
Malia, Ayanna, Dan, and Stefan