Testing Week Recap, Academic Deadlines, Yearbook Orders, Call for Field Day Volunteers - June 1st, 2018

Testing Week Recap, Academic Deadlines, Yearbook Orders, Call for Field Day Volunteers - June 1st, 2018

Dear Spartan Families,

I was so proud of our 10th + 11th grade students this week as they showed their best work on the Smarter Balanced Assessments for English and Math. Our ninth graders also showed great persistence and growth on the MAP tests. Our faculty values the hard work that students put into these tests to show their mastery and growth, and we will be sure to share the results when we receive them.

After each test this week, students had the opportunity to earn Early Release for having all As and Bs in their classes, or they worked closely with their teachers in PLT to get more support on finishing the year strong. I have seen great tenacity, perseverance, curiosity, and responsibility this week as Spartans around the building worked to improve their grades, submit overdue projects, and master Content Assessments. Please check in with your student this week about his/her progress and plan to finish the year strong.


As a reminder, students must pass 100% of their academic courses (English, Math, Science, and History, and Spanish if student is taking it) by June 22nd to promote to the next grade (this keeps students on track for admission to a 4-year college).

If a student is not passing all courses by the end of the school year, he/she can attend summer school to pass the course as long as he/she has a maximum of four projects overdue or a maximum of 16 content assessments (PFAs).

If a student has more than four projects overdue and is more than 16 content assessments (PFAs) to pass, he/she will not promote, will be assigned a new mentor group, and will be placed in the same courses next year.

Dates of Remedial Summer School: June 18th – 22nd: 9:00am-2:00pm Students must attend all summer school dates until they are passing all courses. Unfortunately, we do not have space for students who are not failing courses. Dates of summer get ahead days will come in next week’s newsletter.

Deadline to pass CAs and turn in overdue projects to avoid summer school: 3pm on Wednesday, June 13th.


We are so excited to celebrate the academic achievements of our students at our Awards Banquet the Tuesday after next. Data for honor roll and Dean’s list was pulled on Wednesday, May 30th. Students who earned these GPAs by Wednesday, May 30th will be recognized at the banquet. Unfortunately, we are not able to make edits to the awards for students who bring up their grades this week because the slides, certificates, and invitations were created this week. However, students who earn this GPA by the end of the year can still note this honor on college applications.

All families are welcome to attend the banquet (many of you received an evite too). Families who received a personalized email from Mr. Mendez will be given an award. Initial invitations were sent this week for attendance and Deans/Honor Roll, and more invitations will be sent next week for subject and school-wide awards.

Take care,



Annual Awards Banquet: June 12, 2018

The Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 7:30am. As our school year comes to a close, we take time to reflect and celebrate the achievements of our students. The annual Academic Awards Banquet is one way we come together to honor the hard work put forth by our scholars. There will be several awards given, including academic and other values-based awards. Two awards will be determined based on student achievement in the following areas: students with a 3.5 or higher will be on the Dean’s List, and students with 98% attendance will be awarded the Attendance Award. Breakfast will be provided. For more information, please contact Mr. Mendez at bmendez@summitps.org.


Last Day of School & Field Day: June 14, 2018

Our last day of school will be on June 14, 2018. This will be an early release. Students will participate in Field Day and spend time reflecting on the year in their mentor groups. For more information about Field Day, please contact Mr. Irvan at rirvan@summitps.org.


Mandatory Registration Day: August 11, 2018

August 11th from 10am-2pm will be Mandatory Registration Day! All families must attend. It will be your opportunity to make sure all forms are turned in before the first day of school, get new Summit Swag, meet new teachers, have some food and receive your ORCA card. This is will be only day ORCA cards will be available. If you have any questions, please contact the front desk.



Hello students and families! The school year is quickly coming to an end, meaning that yearbooks will be rolling out soon! If you’re are interested in ordering a yearbook please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/xaWoBP3Wtdy2Yzvx1. A softcover is $21 and a hardcover is $25. In order to receive a yearbook, you’ll have to pay by June 10th. Please turn in money to the front desk, Kamaria Lyles, or Ms. Burns. If you have any questions or concerns please email klyles.si@mysummitps.org.

Field Day Volunteers

We are seeking parent volunteers to help make our last day of school a success.  On June 14, we will hold our annual “Field Day,” which is a day filled with reflection and competitive games that culminates in a special lunch.  Last year was a huge success due to the amazing folks who helped out with lunch.

We need parent help with the following:

Donated food for 325 people:

  • – Burgers (300)
  • – Veggie Burgers (50)
  • – Hamburger Buns (350)
  • – Cheese Slices (200)
  • – Ketchup (150 ounces – Costco has a 44 oz X 3 pack that would be great)
  • – Mustard (75 ounces – Costco has a 30 oz X 2 pack that would be great)
  • – Chips (35 party sized bags)
  • – Soda (30 two liter bottles)
  • – Water (300 bottles)
  • – Aluminum Serving Trays for Hot Food
  • – Plastic Cups (250)
  • – Paper Plates (300)
Volunteers throughout the day:
  • – Receiving/Organizing Team (8-10am – 3 people)
    • – – Receive and Organize food
    • – – Defrost Hamburgers
  • – Food Prep and Service Team (10am-12pm – 9 people)
    • – – Grill food
    • – – Set up service station
    • – – Stage food
    • – – Serve food
    • – – Clean up
Please email Mr. Effland at deffland@summitps.org if you can help with any of the above.  Thank you!


Coins for Change

Sierra’s Activism Club is proud to host its first Coins for Change drive. Students are encouraged to collect and bring spare change to school to donate to a variety of causes. Every mentor group has chosen a specific charity to collect spare change for throughout the final weeks of the school year. The mentor group with the most money raised will earn a pizza party during the last week of school. Congratulations to the OG’s who are currently in the lead!

For more information about the Coins for Change drive, please contact your student’s mentor or Ms. Visperas at cvisperas@summitps.org.




Volleyball Spring Training has begun!  Practices are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 5:30pm and Thursdays from 5:00 – 6:30pm at the Yesler Community Center.  For more information, please contact Ms. Gomez at agomez@summitps.org or Ms. Baba at ebaba@summitps.org.


Ultimate Frisbee:

Congratulations to the Frisbee team who placed 3rd in the league! Please join us in recognizing each player the next time you see them.

For more information, please contact Ms. Temes at ltemes@summitps.org or Captain Oscar Cortes at ocortes.si@mysummitps.org.


College Corner:

Summit College Resources

Summit College Resources: http://college.summitps.org/about-us
Note: Some resources and materials at this site were designed for California Summit Schools. There will be gradual increase of Washington college references.



There will be an increase of programs, internships, and volunteer opportunities available for high school students this season. Below are some open opportunities; please encourage your students to apply!

RadioActive Youth Media Internship: HERE

Girls Who Code Internship:  HERE

Seattle Pacific Center Camp: HERE (scholarship for fee available)

Camp BioMed: HERE (Scholarship for program fee available)

5th Ave Theatre Rising Stars Project: HERE

Seattle Youth Employment Program Internships: HERE (selected through lottery)

Teens in Public Service: HERE 


Summit Sierra is underway supporting juniors to register for the SAT! All juniors should take either test at least once during their junior year and again during their senior year. We recommend for students to take either test at least 3 times total or until the ideal score is reached. Fee waivers are available for students with free and reduced lunch. Please check in with juniors for their progress in their Sierra Method Online test prep program. Contact Ms. Nguyen at cnguyen@summitps.org for additional information.

Want to begin the registration process on your own? Please take a look at this PowerPoint for support! https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UauYM_aJuR1lWEYOR4Jcbn_ilTQS8e_p6gR364xuTYQ/edit?usp=sharing


Coins for Change

Activism Club is proud to introduce to you and your mentor group a new opportunity to create REAL CHANGE…using REAL CHANGE 😉

What’s the gist? Your COINS will be donated to a charity of your choice. Mentor Group that has the most money collected will win a pizza party the last week of school. Final collection and winner announced on June 12.

Families, if you have any extra spare change, please donate to your mentor group’s cause!

For more information about Coins for Change, please contact Ms. Visperas at cvisperas@summitps.org