Happening Now: Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Meetings!

If yours is not scheduled yet, be sure to reach out to your student’s mentor to schedule your meeting before October 11th. Central to student growth, PLPs guide students in their self-directed learning paths and set the foundation for a successful school year!


Our 2020-2021 Application Is Now Open

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Summit Sierra is public and tuition-free. We are open to all; there are no admissions requirements. If there are more students expressing interest in enrolling than the number of available spots, we will use a random selection process to determine who will receive a space.

Our mission is to prepare diverse group of students for success in college, and to be thoughtful, contributing members of society. At Summit Sierra we believe that every student is capable of being college and career ready and should have access to high-performing 21st century schools that prepare them for success in college, career and life.

We are a public, non-profit, tuition-free charter high school currently serving grades 9 through 12. We opened our doors in August of 2016 with a diverse and vibrant group of pioneering 9th grade founders. We are part of a family of high-performing middle and high schools that opened in California in 2003 and have now expanded to 11 schools across Washington and California.



Summit students receive consistent, relevant, and personalized support seamlessly integrated into their school day as they drive towards their academic and personal goals. Every Summit student has a dynamic Personalized Learning Plan and is able to access all of the learning tools and resources they need at any time.


Summit students are self-directed learners. From the day they arrive, Summit students are encouraged and coached to develop the different facets of self-directed learning – Challenge Seeking, Persistence, Strategy-Shifting, Response to Setbacks, and Appropriate Help Seeking.


All Summit graduates meet or exceed four-year college entrance requirements. All Summit students demonstrate competency in college preparatory course work in five core subjects and the visual arts.


Every single student is known by every faculty member, and teachers continuously collaborate to ensure students have the feedback and practice they need to become empowered learners. Every Summit student has at least one adult mentor and coach, who individually supports them to set goals, make a plan to achieve those goals.


When I heard about Summit and did a bit of online research I felt cautiously hopeful. I then got the unique opportunity to participate in several open houses and a dinner where I met multiple, passionate Principal, teachers and a remarkable, soon-to-be Summit graduate. My son Drew is now heading into his Junior year at Summit Sierra… and thriving. In particular, I feel that the collaborative, project-based learning approach, college prep focus, small class size, mentorships and expeditions resonate beautifully with my son’s character while reading him for college.  I am extremely grateful for such an exceptional high school option families.

Janine Robertson
Parent of Summit Sierra

I put some considerable thought into which high school to enroll my son in. His prior school, a K-8, was fairly hands off which impacted my son academically. He needed a school with faculty members that would engage him in meaningful dialogue around curriculum, social life, personal life and growth. After researching Summit Sierra, their school model and their curriculum I felt that this was the right choice for my son. My son came into high school academically challenged in his skill sets (organizational skills, study skills, class conduct, etc.). The mentoring model instituted by Summit has positioned my son for academic excellence. It definitely required a lot of patience, understanding as well as some tough love. Small student body, small classrooms, holistic teaching model that’s inclusive of various other models such as prescriptive, intrusive, appreciative models, has my son blossoming into a scholar.

Parent of Summit Sierra